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21st Century Nerd #25: Cheers Luv, the Apocalypse Is Here!


Jake's search for heroes continues, this time bringing in the hit game Overwatch. Can Tracer and co. satisfy Jake's wholesome desires, or are they just a big marketing ploy? 

Also, #givesteveaboyfriend, Hydra Cap, and X-Men apocalypse get the 21CN treatment. From the ashes of our last episode, we will build a better one! 

Don’t Touch The Monkey #25: Man of Many Hats


The monkey awakens from its Batman v Superman-induced slumber! 

This time we are joined by Damien Palacios, a New York artist of many talents. He shares his thoughts on standing out in the hip-hop world and being true to yourself as an artist. 

We also touch upon the one thing four straight men are totally qualified to discuss: Beyoncé's Lemonade! 

21st Century Nerd #24: Fighting Like Cats and More Cats


It's the long overdue Captain America: Civil War episode! 

To make up for our lack of timeliness, we dive deep into the latest (and greatest?) Marvel movie. Topics include: Are the Avengers really causing the rise of super people? Was the more intimate third act the right choice? And how practical is the Raft, really? 

All this and more on the 21CN Civil War episode!

21st Century Nerd #23: Being a Superhero Isn’t a Cakewalk


What makes a superhero? 

Is it having a powerful ability? A sense of justice? A vow to never take a life? 

In a year of more violent and darker superhero portrayals, the gang takes a look at the qualities that define a hero and what it means to make the hard choices. Also, magical girl transformations, inappropriate history, and the rebirth of DC comics! 

Nerd vs. Monkey: Dawn of Bickering


Podcasts collide in the nerd debate of the century! 21st Century Nerd combines with Don't Touch the Monkey to settle the score on Zack Snyder's controversial movie.

Was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice a disappointment?  A fresh take on a stale genre? Or something else entirely?

Should heroes kill? Or should they be pure messiah figures? And what was up with those Jolly Ranchers!? 

All these questions and many more answered on Nerd vs. Monkey!

21st Century Nerd #22: Rose-Colored Asses


Was first generation Pokémon the best, like no one ever was? Does Fuller House stack up? And does CGI ruin Ghostbusters? 

The gang tackles these and other questions in our nostalgia-themed episode! Because the 90s were a magical time that today's youth can never understand....or was it? 

Don’t Touch the Monkey #24: Monkey’n'Musicals


The Monkey gets fatter thanks to special guest Thicket & Thistle!

In our most populated episode yet, the NYC-based music collective lends us five of its members for a discussion about creative trust, democratic decision making, and the all-consuming power of the Kraft Kween. Hear it here! 

And Check out Thicket & Thistle at http://www.thicketnthistle.com/ 

21st Century Nerd #21: Many Ma-thans Cried To Bring Us This


New Year, New Episode! 

The gang geeks out about all the awesome coming in 2016! 
Movies, comics, games, you name it we probably talked about it. We also get into Star Wars screw ups, Marvel's new variant covers, and Jake's disturbing family metaphors. Catch it all here, on the only geek culture podcast that keeps all the plates spinning! 

21st Century Nerd Star Wars Special: The Nerd Awakens


Coming back from the theatre after seeing The Force Awakens for the third time? Want some answers to burning questions like:

- Who are Rey's parents?
- Where did Snoke come from? 
and, most importantly... 
- Where did 3PO get that red arm!? 
Well, TOO BAD! JJ is withholding those answers until 2017. In the meantime, the 21CN crew gathers with some special guests to ponder some of the popular theories surrounding these mysteries and just plain geek out about this awesome film. Join us for a Force-filled send off to 2015!

Don’t Touch the Monkey Holiday Special: A Cultron of Good Cheer



Adjust your volume accordingly so that you don't destroy your ears. It gets quieter after the opening bit. 
The Men of La Monkey would like to thank you for listening to the show and for indulging our explorations into creativity, history, and Topher's life choices. We bid you a Happy Holiday, a great end to 2015, and an even better 2016! 
...But first, we send off this year with one final podcast. Joined by extended Monkey family Jake Golliher and Andrew Sanford (of Half White Son of a Black Man) we get into the messed-up history of holiday tradition, Topher's best puke story, and the ultimate Naughty/Nice list. 
Come celebrate the holidays the Monkey way, we promise to only emotionally scar you a little bit.